About the United States Geography Championships

The United States Geography Championships is a nationwide competition to test the geography skills of American students and to help foster geography education throughout the United States. More information about the United States Geography Championships, including participation in the 2021-2022 academic year, can be found at geographychampionships.com.

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US Geography Championships


All times listed are Eastern Time.

Time Event
Friday, April 22 –
12:30 pm – 3:10 pm
US Geography Championships Exam
Saturday, April 23 –
6:15 pm – 6:30 pm
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IAC uses a rank points scoring system to determine the final scores for the US Geography Championships at the National Championships level. This process is completed separately for the Varsity and Junior Varsity divisions.

To determine final placement, scores will be determined by giving participating students a rank of 1 to N, with N being the number of overall competing students, on each of the three exam components (Multiple Choice, Written, Cartography).

Tied students will split the average of their ranks (e.g. – if there are two students tied for second place, each would receive 2.5 points).

Students thus earn a number of placement points equivalent to their ranks. The students with the lowest overall number of placement points from all portions combined will thus be the highest ranking students, and that will be used to determine the overall scores.

If students tie on the overall placement, the tiebreaks will be (in respective order):

  1. Final placement on Multiple Choice Exam (both halves of Multiple Choice are considered together for all statistical purposes).
  2. Final placement on Written Exam.
  3. Final placement on Cartography Exam.
  4. Additional 5 question Tiebreaker Multiple Choice exams (this process may be repeated as needed until a winner is determined).

2021 Champions

Varsity Champion – Dylan Rem, Southampton HS, Southampton, New York
JV Champion – Miles Kottler, Beverly Hills HS, Beverly Hills, CA
Varsity Results
JV Results

2020 Champions

Varsity Champion – Aditya Badlani, University of Chicago Laboratory School, Chicago, IL
JV Champion – Ryan Formica, North Catholic HS, Cranberry Township, PA
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