Event Overview & Full Schedule

You can download a PDF version of the full schedule of events below.

Full Schedule (April & May 2021)


Qualification is based on performance at seasonal leagues between October 2020 and April 2021. If you are not sure whether you have qualified, please email info@iacompetitions.com before you register.

Costs & Registration Deadlines

Event Name Cost Registration Deadline
National History Bowl $350 (3+ players)
$250 (2 players)
$175 (1 player)
May 1
US Geography Championships $75 April 19
National Championship Exams (full list)
USESO Introductory Earth Science Exam
$15 each May 1
National History Bee
National Science Bee
National Political Science Bee
International Geography Bee
US History Bee


Refund requests should be sent via email to info@iacompetitions.com. Refunds requested before the registration deadline will be issued minus a 5% processing fee per transaction. After the registration deadline has passed, we are not able to offer refunds.