Event Overview & Full Schedule

You can download a PDF version of the full schedule of events below.

Full Schedule


Qualification is based on performance at regional leagues between September 2021 and April 2022. If you are not sure whether you have qualified, please email info@iacompetitions.com before you register.

2022 Costs

Event Name Cost
National History Bowl $675 (3+ players)
$475 (2 players)
$275 (1 player)
National History Bee
US History Bee
$125 each
National Science Bee
National Political Science Bee
International Geography Bee
US Geography Championships
$95 each
National Championship Exams (full list)
USESO Earth Science Exam
$20 each
National Sports & Entertainment History Bee (online) $40



Refund requests should be sent via email to info@iacompetitions.com. Refunds requested before the registration deadline will be issued minus a $10 fee per transaction. After the registration deadline has passed, we are not able to offer refunds.